Sony Location Lighting Workshop

Here Are Some Of The Topics Covered During The Four Day Workshop - 

Lighting Equipment

Grip Equipment

Color Correction Gels

Diffusion Materials

Montior Set-up

 The Waveform Monitor

Using Light Meters in Digi Video -

  * Incident vs Reflected Meters 

  * Rating Camera ASA/ISO

  * Lighting Ratios and their    

     creative use

Using light to create a mood

Characteristics and quality of light

Lighting for close up, medium,  

  and wide shots

Exterior lighting techniques

I teach a Location Lighting Workshop for The Sony Training Institute in San Jose, California. It is geared to people who have some knowledge of lighting or production but want to learn how to make their images look even better. Most people who work in digi video, if they haven't had some formal training, tend to illuminate and not light. There is a difference.

This workshop is for those people that want to move beyond illumination and learn to control and produce better images through lighting. 

For the first day and a half we review and demonstrate the equipment students will use for their exercises including lighting, grip, monitor, waveform monitor, camera, and light meters. Students are encouraged to bring the camera they normally work with so they can find out the effective ISO of their camera and use it in the exercise they DP. 

The rest of the workshop is spent "hands on" doing lighting exercises using the available locations.

Here are two sample exercises of the talent speaking to the camera. One is an interior and the other is an exterior. They are both always set-up differently depending on what the Director/DP decides to do and the location of the shot.

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